Saturday 26 May 2012

Super Bonus Weekend Post: Instructables Giveaway! *CLOSED*

UPDATE: Giveaway now closed! According to our winner should be commenter number one - Terry Stupple! BUT. But honestly, there were only two entries, and you know what?

I got featured on Instructables again this week! So I actually have TWO 3-month memberships to give away! So everyone's a winner! Congrats to both Terry and our anonymous friend.

Please email me at bakerinthebasement(at)hotmail(dot)com and I will reply with your membership code!

I guess in future I should say to include your email in your entries... I'm still learnin' folks!

Thanks for participating.


Hello all!

I've recently been introduced to a neat website called If you haven't heard of it, it's a site where you can learn how to do everything from building your own coffee table to eating a cookie like it's nobody's business.

So, it's totally fun. You can also make your own Instructables to share with everyone, which I totally did right here. Y'all have probably already seen my flower pot cupcakes here on the blog but it was cool to make a fancy step-by-step little online instruction-booklet for them.

Also, there's a Cake Decorating Contest going on right now - but time is running out! It ends midnight on Monday. All you have to do to enter, though, is make your own cake decorating Instructable, or video, or even just a photo of a cake you've decorated! Definitely get in on this, friends, because you would not believe these prizes!

Want a glance at the competition? Click through the pics to check it out!

Character Cake for Non-Skilled People
Character Cake for Non-Skilled People by RodneyBones
A great technique made super-easy! Definitely check this out. I know I'll be using this technique in the future.

Mini Maypole Cakes
Mini Maypole Cakes by StudioDIY

So simple, and so pretty! Makes me want to dance with ribbons in the springtime sunshine... and that is so not me, you guys. These cakes are that cute.

Cupcake bouquets
Cupcake Bouquets by Jmae
Can you believe those are cupcakes? So beautiful! I hope she puts up instructions, soon, though I'm pretty sure those are marshmallows cut in half and pressed in coloured sugar. Neat!

And here's the competitor that I voted for - yes, I was so impressed, I voted against myself. Because I like this cake that much.

Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Cake
Game of Thrones: Iron Throne Cake by Stephanefalies

I don't even know what to say about this. I mean, just look at it. Like, dang. Just click through and go look how she put this baby together. You will be amazed.

Well, maybe I'll win one of the other the Mini Cricut Cake Cutter. 

So what I'm trying to say is, go check out Instuctables! Take a moment to sign up - it's free and quick, so what the heck why not - and vote for your favorite entries!

And if you'd like to win your own 3-month paid Pro Membership, simply leave a comment on this post saying what Instructable you'd like to see, or what you'd like to make an Instructable for! I will randomly select one comment on Thursday, May 31st, to receive a 3-month Instructables Pro Membership.

So get at it!

And don't worry, I've got more treats in the oven to tell you about, so tune back in on Thursday for that, too! Thanks for reading.

Until next time!


  1. Wow, I wouldn't have thought I'd be the first person to comment. well done by the way for getting featured

  2. Even i need one !! #2nd To comment .. hope it helps :P

  3. i would really like to make instructables about how to make different musical instruments out of recycled thing that are just lying around.

  4. I would like to make a rig that helps you carve potatoes.

  5. I want to make a rig for carving potatoes.

  6. Sorry, folks, the giveaway is closed. Thank you so much for dropping by, though!