Friday 6 April 2012

Easter and Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are becoming a thing with me. A thing I am making all the time. A thing I am having more and more fun finding ways to decorate. A serious thing, my friends.

At work, as part of an Easter fundraising drive, my co-worker Leigh and I were asked to make an Easter prize basket, with assorted Easter goodies. Leigh is the queen of fancy baskets, by the way, she can make an assortment of just about anything look professional, desirable and expensive, whatever the budget.

Me? I'm not so good at baskets. My immediate thought for my part of the prize was these:

D'aaaaaaw would you look how cute that itty witty bunny is - I mean, uh...

Let me start again.

Using the same outline & flood technique I did on these cookies I simply decorated appropriately shaped Easter sugar cookies in soft, sweet pastel colours of royal icing.

I kept these pretty simple & quick to decorate since I knew I had another task that same evening. My Mom sprang it on me a tad last-minute that there was a bit of a baby shower going down at her workplace.

"A baby shower?" I said, "I don't have little carriage-shaped cookie cutters or bottles or anything, what kind of cookies do I make for a baby shower?"

"Well," My mother retorted, cool as a cucumber (who the heck came up with that expression, anyway? Cucumbers are dorky at best) "You could do umbrellas."

So let's get literal here. Baby shower =


Some of which appear to have gas.

And umbrellas to protect them from the 'shower'.

I spent a lot of time putting the details into these, simple though they are, so I can't help but show them off a bit. I wanted to make them as pretty as possible, I mean, how many baby showers are you likely to get in a lifetime? Probably not that many. I wanted these to be pretty special.

The yellow umbrellas - a gender-neutral colour my Mom specifically requested since we didn't know what type of baby was expected - I outlined and filled, and after they'd set for about an hour, I went back and added the 'wire' lines on the umbrella and the simple dot pattern, as well as the handle stripes and pole.

For the pink umbrellas, once they were similarly outlined, filled and set, I added little hearts in a somewhat random pattern.

And finally, for the blue umbrellas, what could be more appropriate for a shower than little raindrops?

Well, that's spring for you: Easter, rain, and babies. Keep dry, my friends.

There's a super sweet cake coming up soon, if all goes well, so do stay tuned!

Until next time!


  1. I am so late reading this but awesome! Your baked goods are always a big hit at work. And thanks for the basket shout out!

  2. Very beautiful. Dare you eat this beautiful cookies?

    1. Forgive my late reply, but yes - I did get to nibble a few of these, though most were sent to mine & Mom's workplaces for the aforementioned events. They were very sweet and tasty :)